About us

The Kontrast Story

The restaurant started from the idea of sharing the love of food, and the passion of its preparation from the scratches. The “unlikely” bonding of the people from the polar opposite cultures: Indian and Swedish (at least in the general assumption of the people, or probably a cliché in bringing the cross-cultural backgrounds) brought the idea into development. The loving pair of a Swede man and an Indian woman for food and passion for its authenticity gave the abstract concept of “bringing whole Punjab to Malmö” the concrete shape. 

The recipes are from the streets of Punjab, that deserve the spotlight into the world of fine cuisines, along with some globalized Indian classics like Butter Chicken, Tikka Masala and Vindaloo. It is obvious for a proud Indian lady to be sure about the dishes from North India. The news however is, the Swedish man is very much in the process, and indeed very passionate about making some of the signature spices himself.

Living up to the name

Identifying “Kontrast” is to acknowledge the differences of colors or lights, breaking the absence of differences. Differences are required and they help to value and compliment yourself. It’s the duality that makes life meaningful. Without the existence of the opposites, their individual values could have barely been acknowledged. We hence bring the contrast amongst the outings in Malmö. We are driven by our passion for adding to your regular food menu, providing a beautiful contrast to break the stereotypes of “restaurant
experience.” Try the difference!!

The names of the dishes

Considering the dishes are from the suburbs and streets of Punjab and Kashmir, the names have been selected from their peculiar origin. Besides the classics, every dish has a unique name you want to know the meaning of. “Shane Kashmir”, one of our very liked curries, translates to “the pride of Kashmir”, or “Davate Punjab”, translates to “the feast in Punjab”, to name a few. For the ease of our customers, we make sure every dish is well understood with the ingredients.


We take pride in bringing the Indian spices here in Sweden to make the fellow Indians feel home, and the non-Indians acknowledge the beauty of flavorful North Indian dishes . Indian food and spices are almost synonymous to one another. Yet, “Indian food being too hot and spicy” is more of a cliché. That is the reason; many Indian-inspired restaurants rather seem to alter the use of spices to the bare minimum, and sometimes change the main property of the very food, for ”comfort” of the people. We however think the recipe should not be altered.

We like to keep it as authentic as possible. However, we can change the hotness in the food to your preference. Nonetheless, there are many different food items that are very mild too.